Donating Blood


College Athletics and Science departments have personal protective equipment on hand. Let your alma mater know that winning is a team sport.

Our colleges, universities and the NCAA have large amounts of personal protective equipment on hand - reach out to your school's President or alumni association to encourage them to donate the available PPE to our healthcare workers. 

I'll be working on a list of the largest colleges and relevant contact information, but in the meantime, it's as easy as Googling "contact X university's President". Below is a sample email to make it easy!

You can also reach NCAA President Mark Emmert at

"Subject: Please donate our PPE

Dear (Name Here),

I'm a member of the alumni community. I'm concerned with the shortage of personal protective equipment for our healthcare workers across the country and would love to know when we will be donating the PPE from our Athletics program and Science departments - it would make me so proud.

I wish you and yours good health. Many thanks for your guidance.

Very best,

(Your Name)."

If you know of a school who has already donated, feel free to let me know at - I'll start tracking them for us.

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